Mental Captivity a spice to failure

Many are times we find ourselves in circumstances that seems  impossible  to overcome.At this point many people usually give up on  finding out about the other side of the coin. They become downtrodden by their present situations to the point that they get depression.But look here!This is not how it should be.

When you apply the analogy of truck drivers struggling to drive in the storm,it is their own idividual thinking that will redeem them from that particular mishap.The driver who will have the spirit to keep driving will  be the one  who will have the last laugh.Those who will be grumbling at the present situation will most probably swerve off the road and with hopes that the storm will get over soon!Surprising indeed!Well,one should never  try to put themselves in mental prison when faced with a bad situation.They should ever have a positive spirit to soldier on  because  storms  do not last a lifetime.So never allow yourself to be in mental captivity.Be positive,be a winner.



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